Well summer is back and we are all looking forward to a season of fun. There are a few changes –  You may have noticed or soon will notice the change at Allegan County Park boat launch. A Gate.

People who use the park often, can buy a Gate Pass card at any of the outlets that normally sold the windshield stickers (Gillettes would be the closest one on the lake) – the cost is the same as last year: $25 Just pull up to the card reader/payment box located right before the ramp, and insert the Pass Card into the reader, which will open the gate.

Occasional users can pay the (lower this year!) admission fee of $2.50

Once at the ramp, if a tow vehicle is long enough that it needs to pass the exit gate to straighten out – the exit gate has sensors that will hold it open until the vehicle/trailer are clear, either by moving forward or backward.

 Orangeville Island

And then there is Orangeville Island. It is off limits. The Barry County Sheriff’s Department Marine Division will ask you to leave the area. The Island is privately owned and the owners have complained about the trashing of their Island. You will not be permitted to drop anchor around the Island. You can not get out of your boat around the Island or you will be trespassing on private property. The area has been the party goers haven and the antics there have not been the best of behavior.

The Barry County Sheriff’s Department Marine Division and the GLBA suggests that you use the area around The Yankee Springs State Park.  Fishermen may drop anchor around the Island, but you better be able to prove you are fishing.

There is still a lot of fun to be had on Gun Lake. Come join us for lake activities. If you have any questions you can email us and we can forward your message to the best channel for the answer or we will try to answer the question.

What’s Close By!

Cities close by are:  Wayland, (1omi), Hastings, (1omi), Plainwell, (20mi), Delton, (15mi), Allegan, (17mi), South Haven, (51mi), Holland, (49mi)